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Skara Mästerskapet 2017

Senast uppdaterad22.03.2017 20:35:15, Creator/Last Upload: Swedish Chess Federation A


1Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1877Skövde SS
2Bratic Asim1720465SWE1822Skövde SS
3Kjellqvist Fredrik1723936SWE1814Skara SS
4Bentzelius Ante1731319SWE1523Skara SS
5Hansen Jesper1739360SWE1335Skara SS
6Bergmansson Karl1747584SWE1300Skara SS
7Eklund Lars1737287SWE1286Skara SS
8Svantesson Per-Erik1734261SWE1206Skara SS
9Hansen Jonathan1736590SWE1123Skara SS
10Johansson PontusSWE1100Skara SS
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