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Kadetsko prvenstvo Beograda - 2017. M12

Last update 12.02.2017 16:51:10, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank

1Tadic Stefan958980SRB2147
2Petkovic Jovan984922SRB1752
3Molnar Luka969044SRB1731
4Savic Aleksandar Z974064SRB1716
5Koscal Arsenije974315SRB1682
6Petrovic Aleksa967629SRB1672
7Radojicic Aleksandar M979694SRB1600
8Novakovic Aleksej984949SRB1576
9Velickovic Dusan Z979759SRB1536
10Gvozdenovic Milos983772SRB1379
11Petrovic Danilo979520SRB1311
12Ivanovic Strahinja980030SRB1263
13Medic Relja980064SRB1167
14Vuckovic Stefan985449SRB1156
15Cuzovic Aleksandar987379SRB0
16Grbic DaniloSRB0
17Jovic Andrej979864SRB0
18Kostadinovic Nikola985058SRB0
19Marjanovic RastkoSRB0
20Mitic MarkoSRB0
21Nenkovic Aleksa987808SRB0
22Novakovic BojanSRB0
23Novakovic DimitrijeSRB0
24Vujasinovic Ilija987786SRB0
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