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"Junioru kauss" 3.sp.kl. 28-29.01.2017

Last update 30.01.2017 19:14:09, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Ali Aļievs IIILAT0Diāna Matisone
2Bilinkins Iļja IIILAT0Dana Matisone
3Daškevičs Artjoms IIILAT0Dana Matisone
4Fedotovs Artemijs IIILAT0Dana Matisone
5Freibergs Filips IIILAT0Leonids Borisovs
6Golikova Arina IIILAT0Dana Matisone
7Ivanovskis Leons IIILAT0Dana Matisone
8Jurgensons Martins IIILAT0Diāna Matisone
9Kižlo Deniss IIILAT0Diāna Matisone
10Lebedevs Deniss IIILAT0Dana Matisone
11Meļņikovs Gļebs IIILAT0Dana Matisone
12Mogiļins Ņikita IIILAT0Dana Matisone
13Onackis Damirs IIILAT0Semjons Galkins
14Otrohovs Maksims IIILAT0Polina Ņi/A.Raudive
15Parhomenko Igors IIILAT0Semjons Galkins
16Samcovs Elmārs IIILAT0Polina Ņi
17Tkačenko Konstantins IIILAT0Polina Ņi
18Tsvek Aleksey IIILAT0Diāna Matisone
19Vaisfelds Iļja IIILAT0Dana Matisone