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Last update 25.01.2017 19:25:09, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Apenitis EriksLAT0Grob.ssk.
2Ate NormundsLAT0Rucavas psk.
3Baumanis GustavsLAT0Gaviezes psk.
4Ciemess GustavsLAT0Grob.ssk.
5Eglitis KristapsLAT0Grob.ssk.
6Kalnitis KristiansLAT0Rucavas psk.
7Mucenieks EmilsLAT0Rucavas psk
8Podnieks MadarsLAT0Grob.ssk.
9Pujens TalritsLAT0Grob.ssk.
10Pulkstens TomsLAT0Grob.ssk
11Varna EduardsLAT0Grob.ssk.
12Zalkalns ReinisLAT0Pavilostas vsk.