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1-st Open Cup Yaroslavl region rapid 2017 (top league)

Last update 22.01.2017 18:02:30, Creator/Last Upload: Sport Chess Federation Yaroslavl region

Starting rank list of players

9Gorokhov Alexandr4195787RUS2370Ярославль
4Masalov Andrey4149696RUS2349Ярославль
3IMOkrugin Sergey4125339RUS2311Ярославль
10Khrenov Andrei44149492RUS2256Ярославль
7Smirnov Alexander Y.4157125RUS2219Ярославль
1Avalyan Artur34164550RUS2055Ярославль
8Yartsev Vladimir S.24193747RUS2019Ярославль
2Dolgov Vitaliy54121370RUS1974Ярославль
5Gerasimov Nikolay P.4159055RUS1923Гаврилов-Ям
6Malozemova Darya44154780RUS1638Ярославль
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