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75. Churer Stadtmeisterschaft Kat B

Last update 31.03.2017 10:04:07, Creator/Last Upload: fortunat schmid

Starting rank list of players

1Accola Martin1335910SUI1833Chur Sk
2Fausch Albert1333747SUI1826Chur Schachfreunde
3Schaad Pierluigi1307860SUI1814Chur Sk
4Szepessy Thomas1329804SUI1731Chur Sk
5Widmaier Urs1336398SUI1731Chur Schachfreunde
6Pesina VlastimilSUI1729
7Steidle SandroSUI1712Chur Sk
8Wyss Martin1337998SUI1554Chur Sk