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Cape of Good Hope Open - A Section

Last update 29.01.2017 16:47:14, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 76)

Starting rank

1IMKobese WatuRSA2349
2FMKlaasen CalvinRSA2193
3Barrish DanielRSA2178
4FMBhawoodien MohamedRSA2137
5FMSolomons DeonRSA2106
6PMAmini DaudRSA2032
7FMDu Toit StefanRSA2015
8FMBhawoodien ShabierRSA2008
9Solomon GrahamRSA2003
10Laurie JohnRSA1990
11James MichaelRSA1943
12Manuel SaulRSA1880
13PMLewis MarkRSA1873
14WIMLatreche KhadidjaALG1850
15Lynch JustinRSA1820
16Van Niekerk LourenzoRSA1820
17PMEssop HishaamRSA1807
18De Jager LuanRSA1802
19CMAdams Seth-RileyRSA1799
20Southey AndrewRSA1752
21Fredericks MalcolmRSA1806
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