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7th HDBank Cup International Open Chess 2017 - Masters

Last update 18.03.2017 12:40:01, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Player overview for bul

4GMCheparinov Ivan2698BUL1½½1½½½1½6,01110-10,20Masters
18GMStefanova Antoaneta2533BUL½1½01110½5,52810-4,40Masters

Results of the last round for bul

Rd.Bo.No.NameTypFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypFEDRtgNo.
934GMCheparinov IvanBUL2698 ½ - ½6 GMWang HaoCHN26835
91118GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL25335 ½ - ½5 GMDao Thien HaiVIE247824

Player details for bul

GM Cheparinov Ivan 2698 BUL Rp:2596 Pts. 6,0
155IMAbhishek Kelkar2381IND4,0s 10,870,13101,30
243FMTran Minh Thang2406VIE4,0w ½0,85-0,3510-3,50
323GMLei Tingjie2480CHN4,5s ½0,78-0,2810-2,80
436WGMSaduakassova Dinara2428KAZ5,5w 10,830,17101,70
521GMGomez John Paul2481PHI5,5s ½0,78-0,2810-2,80
626IMLe Tuan Minh2475VIE6,0w ½0,78-0,2810-2,80
731IMXu Yi2444CHN5,5s ½0,81-0,3110-3,10
828IMNguyen Anh Khoi2459VIE5,5w 10,800,20102,00
95GMWang Hao2683CHN6,5w ½0,52-0,0210-0,20
GM Stefanova Antoaneta 2533 BUL Rp:2492 Pts. 5,5
169Chen Qi B2328CHN4,5s ½0,76-0,2610-2,60
267IMDuong The Anh2334VIE4,0w 10,760,24102,40
349Lin Yi2403CHN4,0w ½0,68-0,1810-1,80
456FMPham Chuong2377VIE4,0s 00,71-0,7110-7,10
554Li Yankai2389CHN5,0w 10,690,31103,10
652GMTu Hoang Thong2392VIE5,5s 10,690,31103,10
743FMTran Minh Thang2406VIE4,0w 10,670,33103,30
811GMBogdanovich Stanislav2602UKR6,0s 00,40-0,4010-4,00
924GMDao Thien Hai2478VIE5,5w ½0,58-0,0810-0,80
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