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Teste Correspondencia

Last update 05.03.2017 14:36:02, Creator/Last Upload: freitaspc

Starting rank list of players

7Marcos FerreiraBRA1778S. J. dos Campos - SP
5Fagner LimaBRA1743Baraúna - PB
8Antonio DutraBRA1728João Pessoa - PB
1Rafael SousaBRA1654Ribeirão Pires - SP
6João VictorBRA1626Ribeirão Pires - SP
2Paulo FreitasBRA1529Ribeirão Pires - SP
9Fabrício RipoliBRA1525Ribeirão Pires - SP
4André PereiraBRA1461Ribeirão Pires - SP
3Balduino MonteiroBRA1437João Pessoa - PB