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Kortchnoi Open 2017 Zurich - Master Section

Last update 18.04.2017 14:13:29, Creator/Last Upload: georg kradolfer

Player overview for BLR

14GMZhigalko Andrey25770BLR11½½1015,08Master

Results of the last round for BLR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMZhigalko Andrey25774 1 - 04 FMZenker Ulrich2150

Player details for BLR

GM Zhigalko Andrey 2577 BLR Rp:2555 Pts. 5,0
154Toenz Arthur21072137FRA4,0w 1
237Levrand Roland21592173SUI4,0s 1
35GMMotylev Alexander26580RUS5,5w ½
43GMVan Wely Loek26690NED5,0s ½
521IMBallmann Martin23952403SUI4,0w 1
67GMGuseinov Gadir26430AZE5,5s 0
742FMZenker Ulrich21500GER4,0w 1