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Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2017 - Masters

Last update 02.02.2017 18:19:43, Creator/Last Upload: ia laurent freyd

Player overview for png

219FMPress Shaun1970PNG001½0½0½1½4,0200Masters

Results of the last round for png

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
1095219FMPress ShaunPNG1970 ½ - ½ Gonzalez Gonzalez AlfonsoESP2162180

Player details for png

FM Press Shaun 1970 PNG Rp:1982 Pts. 4,0
191GMSundararajan Kidambi2420IND6,0s 0-0,08
2147FMBergstrom Rolf2268SWE4,0w 0-0,15
3255Tveten Per1486NOR1,0s 10,08
4173CMOsuna Vega Enrique2181ESP3,0w ½0,27
5169FMBaert Andy2210BEL4,0s 0-0,20
6197Compton Alistair2094NZL3,5w ½0,17
7189Bendayan Claros Aaron2128ESP5,0s 0-0,29
8247Day Christopher1760CAN2,5w ½-0,27
9238Koes Richard1830NED3,5s 10,31
10180Gonzalez Gonzalez Alfonso2162ESP4,0w ½0,25
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