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Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2017 - Masters

Last update 02.02.2017 18:19:43, Creator/Last Upload: ia laurent freyd

Player overview for crc

231WFMGamboa Alvarado Olga Leticia1913CRC½½00½010013,5214Masters

Results of the last round for crc

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
10111231WFMGamboa Alvarado Olga LeticiaCRC1913 1 - 0 Day ChristopherCAN1760247

Player details for crc

WFM Gamboa Alvarado Olga Leticia 1913 CRC Rp:2012 Pts. 3,5
1103WGMTsolakidou Stavroula2387GRE6,0s ½0,42
2122IMLazarne Vajda Szidonia2364HUN5,0w ½0,42
343GMKaidanov Gregory S2572USA4,0s 0-0,08
4178Veltkamp Gerben2166NED3,0w 0-0,19
5197Compton Alistair2094NZL3,5s ½0,24
6204Hewson Brian Wr2055ENG4,0w 0-0,31
7250Neumanova Monika1707CZE3,0s 10,24
8200Lochte Thomas2070GER5,0w 0-0,29
9208Berrocal Ruiz Valentin2042ESP4,0s 0-0,33
10247Day Christopher1760CAN2,5w 10,30