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Mecca Chess Qualification Tournament 2017 January 26-28

Last update 28.01.2017 17:22:59, Creator/Last Upload: fa yaser al otaibi

Starting rank

1Al Omary Ahmed21500207KSA1849
2Ibraheem Abdul Momin21500304KSA1837
3Al Yousef Suliman A21501106KSA1778
4Sulimani Yaser21502315KSA1731
5Khayat Abdullah F21500460KSA1709
6Bukhari Mohammed21502277KSA1682
7Rezeq Allah Mohammed21500550KSA1635
8Al Zahrani Riyad21502404KSA1528
9Al Ahmadi TariqKSA0
10Al Balawi Nader21505373KSA0
11Al Balwi MohamedKSA0
12Al Ghamdi Saeed A21500592KSA0
13Al Lahibi AhmedKSA0
14Al Malki Mousa M21508160KSA0
15Al Otaibi Abdullah21509085KSA0
16Al Otaibi Naif S21507104KSA0
17Al Shamrani Abdulrahman21507872KSA0
18Al Sulami MasadKSA0
19Aldhdhubiani Zayad21507880KSA0
20Almalki AdbulghaniKSA0
21Alotaibi Wared21508526KSA0
22Althobaiti Abdullah21510091KSA0
23Hammad AbdullahKSA0
24Ramadan Abdulrahman21503931KSA0