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2017 South Wales New Year Major

Last update 08.01.2017 19:55:29, Creator: kevin,Last Upload: jdt

Starting rank

1MacArthur DuncanWLS1802
2Burrows MikeWLS1796
3Williams (Cwm) SteveWLS1781
4Rovaretti DavidWLS1748
5Donovan EdWLS1742
6Livermore RichardWLS1725
7Stuart NeilWLS1718
8Hurn BobWLS1713
9Di-Vetta AndrewWLS1695
10Ballantyne PeterWLS1683
11Cooke MarkWLS1644
12Jeanes AndrewWLS1563
13Cooke TomWLS1527
14Smith GeorgeWLS1443
15Cox JohnWLS1429
16Davies GarethWLS1340
17Rees MorganWLS1234
18O'Rourke KevinWLS1107
19Jaberansari BenjaminWLS855
20Turner PaulWLS1201