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49th National Championship (Abs) 2017 Kingston, Jamaica

Last update 01.02.2017 10:49:11, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank list of players

9NMSMITH Shreyas7400713JAM2143
3WIMRICHARDS Deborah7400446JAM2036
10NMMERRITT Kevin7401531JAM2014
4NMJAMES Stuart7400489JAM2004
2BROWN Akeem7402023JAM1961
7CURRIAH Malik7402236JAM1940
1CHRISTIE Joshua7402074JAM1934
11WILKINSON Ian7400101JAM1902
5HINDS Nathan7400730JAM1854
12LUNGRIN Rashade7402473JAM1823
8CHRISTIE Michael7401680JAM1819
6LINDO Terence7400942JAM1681