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MTN Festival Chess Championship 2016 Female category Rock View Hotel,23rd road Festac Town 27th to 30th Dec 2016

Last update 10.01.2017 20:06:09, Creator/Last Upload: computerfineman

Starting rank

1Akintoye Deborah8506345NGR1856
2Enarevba Mandy8503150NGR1707
3Peace Sampson8506485NGR1658
4Adebayo Doris8501017NGR1636
5Okpegbuo Somtochukwu8507007NGR1348
6Chikezie Monalisa8503850NGR0
7Eyefia Endurance8508240NGR0
8 Jimoh, Yetunde Ganiya8501050NGR0
9Ozegbe Precious8508224NGR0
10Pelomoh Jessica8507864NGR0
11Shoneye Asmau8508216NGR0
12Omoigiafu Anita8508232NGR0