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1er tournoi International de MERU // MERU 1st international tournament

Last update 30.12.2016 13:19:47, Creator/Last Upload: fancelli luc

Starting rank

1FMABRAVANEL Chely600440FRA2297
2LE BRECH Cyril20675186FRA1881
3FANCELLI Sophie20604122FRA1854
4SERISIER Vincent26058022FRA1800
5FONTAINE Cedric36022160FRA1741
6CLAIR Michael626252FRA1718
7GRIMALDI Serge26057697FRA1643
8WIKTOR Henryk36062189FRA1610
9ROUX Jean-Francois20608586FRA1538
10DE KERHOR Iris20684827FRA1392
11GRIMALDI Antonin26050595FRA1272
12LEDARD Fabrice20637438FRA1740
13KHALID RiadFRA1190