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Ziemassvētku Tempo turnīrs (Rēzekne, 18.12.2016)

Last update 18.12.2016 12:42:52, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

1FMStarostits Andris11601086LAT2343Rēzekne
2IPuzina Nikolajs11611928LAT1837Rēzekne
3INikiforovs Georgijs11608366LAT1694Rēzekne
4ICeremnihs Viktors11613980LAT1606Rēzekne
5IVasilkovs Aleksandrs11608412LAT1530Verēmi
6IPutilo Timofejs11613998LAT1528Rēzekne
7IIKazmerika Anna11611987LAT1292wRēzekne
8IISmirnova Jekaterina11614013LAT1204wRēzekne