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Fedel Nathale Gedächtniscup

Last update 23.12.2016 16:20:27, Creator: schachklub raika taxenbach,Last Upload: herzog

Starting rank list of players

6Holzer Manuel1620797AUT1910Taxenbach
5Gall Konrad1617184AUT1685Taxenbach
9Gruber Helmut1611291AUT1605Taxenbach
3Grünwald HansAUT1597Taxenbach
7Kollmann HansAUT1556Taxenbach
10Kollmann JosefAUT1520Taxenbach
2Embacher GerhardAUT1447Taxenbach
4Weickl JohannAUT1370Taxenbach
8Sommerer KurtAUT1350Taxenbach
1Zechner HermannAUT1244Taxenbach