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1ο εσωτερικό rapid Σ.Ο.Περιστερίου τμήμα Παρασκευής

Last update 17.02.2017 19:24:32, Creator/Last Upload: ia ulysses vazelakis

Starting rank list of players

4Bethanis Dimitrios25842218GRE0
1Dafereras Antonios Arsenios25842161GRE0
3Karachalios Orestis Vasilios25836536GRE0
6Nikolopoulos AntoniosGRE0
7Skliris Panagiotis25856391GRE0
5Tsoukalas IoannisGRE0
2Vellis Ioannis25846710GRE0
8Vouros Emmanouil25828460GRE0