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Last update 13.09.2009 00:04:40, Creator: tamil nadu state chess association,Last Upload: boris budimir

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMArapovic Vitomir2376BIH 25w1 26b1 47w1 4b½ 8w½ 14b1 2w½ 7b1 12w17,543,055,00,5
2GMBlagojevic Dragisa2545MNE 62w1 27b1 10w1 20b½ 6b½ 11w1 1b½ 22w1 3b17,542,554,00,5
3GMKurajica Bojan2524BIH 52w1 18b1 5w1 12b½ 20w1 6b1 7w½ 4b1 2w07,044,556,52,0
4GMDizdarevic Emir2481BIH 59b1 38w1 9b1 1w½ 22b½ 41w1 5b1 3w0 14b17,041,553,01,0
5Avdic Mirza2270BIH 85w1 55b1 3b0 48w1 18w1 8b1 4w0 13b1 11w17,040,049,50,0
6IMStojanovic Dalibor2471BIH 45w1 37b1 29w1 7b1 2w½ 3w0 23b1 12b½ 8w½6,541,553,50,0
7GMJankovic Alojzije2549CRO 87b1 33w1 16b1 6w0 29b1 13w1 3b½ 1w0 23b16,541,050,50,0
8GMDrasko Milan2527MNE 48b1 15w1 41b½ 44w1 1b½ 5w0 19b1 29w1 6b½6,539,551,50,0
9FMKamberovic Senad2234BIH 63w1 61b1 4w0 55b1 11w0 48b1 20b½ 40w1 22b16,534,045,00,0
10IMBoric Muhamed2373BIH 74b1 56w1 2b0 15w1 30b0 43w½ 46b1 44w1 20b16,534,044,50,0
11FMMujic Hamza2322BIH 75b1 24w0 25b1 26w1 9b1 2b0 15w1 30w1 5b06,041,051,50,0
12IMDumpor Atif2404BIH 66b1 46w1 24b1 3w½ 41b½ 30w1 22b½ 6w½ 1b06,038,549,50,0
13IMMestrovic Zvonimir2324SLO 21b0 91w1 45b1 46w1 19b1 7b0 33w1 5w0 31b16,037,045,00,0
14Hodzic Nihad2294BIH 60b1 32w0 35b1 56w1 73b1 1w0 25b1 16w1 4w06,036,547,00,0
15Kadric Denis2156BIH 88w1 8b0 67w1 10b0 49w1 21b1 11b0 45w1 30b16,035,544,00,0
16FMBosnjak Damir2304BIH 58w1 21b1 7w0 47b1 23w0 57w1 43b1 14b0 33w16,035,045,50,0
17Zlobec Srdjan2195BIH 72b1 73w0 28b0 35w1 45b1 26w1 30b0 38w1 40b16,033,041,50,0
18Nuhic Amir2165BIH 76b1 3w0 70b1 69w1 5b0 25w0 60b1 59w1 29b16,032,542,50,0
19Bajramovic Halid2235BIH 32b0 80w1 75b1 21w1 13w0 62b1 8w0 56b1 34w16,032,542,00,0
20GMVukic Milan2448BIH 86w1 42b1 73w1 2w½ 3b0 23b½ 9w½ 24b1 10w05,538,548,50,0
21Bogilovic Alija0BIH 13w1 16w0 33b1 19b0 37w1 15w0 73b1 26w½ 41b15,538,047,00,0
22FMRasidovic Sead2331BIH 49w1 36b½ 68w1 57b1 4w½ 42b1 12w½ 2b0 9w05,537,548,50,0
23Plakalovic Predrag2216BIH 31b0 63w1 58b1 32w1 16b1 20w½ 6w0 42b1 7w05,536,547,00,0
24Tucakovic Mario1960BIH 34w1 11b1 12w0 29b0 40b½ 50w1 56b1 20w0 44b15,535,045,00,0
25Strinic Halid1903BIH 1b0 89w1 11w0 77b1 39w1 18b1 14w0 43b½ 42w15,535,044,50,0
26Corovic Sean2108BIH 54w1 1w0 72b1 11b0 55w1 17b0 63w1 21b½ 43w15,534,545,50,0
27Muhic Nagib2206BIH 69b1 2w0 31b0 67w0 51b½ 76w1 52b1 61w1 46b15,529,540,00,0
28Zuko Rasim2126BIH 78b½ 43w0 17w1 68b0 71b1 31w1 40b0 66w1 53b15,529,038,00,0
29FMTerzic Ilijas2259BIH 80b1 31w1 6b0 24w1 7w0 47b1 59w1 8b0 18w05,038,047,50,0
30FMZildzic Kenan2244BIH 55w0 85b1 49w1 74b1 10w1 12b0 17w1 11b0 15w05,035,544,50,0
31Jelen Darko0BIH 23w1 29b0 27w1 73b0 36w1 28b0 62w1 47b1 13w05,035,044,00,0
32Hedzic Hajrudin0BIH 19w1 14b1 53w0 23b0 56b0 38w0 72b1 62w1 57b15,033,042,50,0
33FMTutic Resad2184BIH 65w1 7b0 21w0 85b1 74w1 66b1 13b0 57w1 16b05,032,041,00,0
34IMBogut Zeljko2451BIH 24b0 58w0 63b1 50w1 66b0 67w1 49b1 41w1 19b05,030,540,00,0
35Nikolic Sanja1673BIH 40b0 64w1 14w0 17b0 90w1 51b0 77w1 65b1 56w15,030,037,00,0
36Salihovic Amar2077BIH 64b1 22w½ 44b0 66w½ 31b0 55w0 78b1 60w1 61b15,029,037,50,0
37Hajdarevic Samir2151BIH 79b1 6w0 69b0 80w1 21b0 60w0 50b1 67w1 59b15,028,037,50,0
38Hadzic Amar2130BIH 90w1 4b0 55w0 70b0 88w1 32b1 75w1 17b0 58w15,027,535,50,0
39FMBrnas Augustin2304CRO 67b0 60w1 74b0 58w1 25b0 44w0 79b1 75b1 55w15,026,034,50,0
40FMBudimir Boris2352BIH 35w1 47b0 52w1 42b0 24w½ 68b1 28w1 9b0 17w04,535,545,50,0
41Konjicanin Muris2301BIH 91w1 67b1 8w½ 53b1 12w½ 4b0 42w½ 34b0 21w04,535,543,50,0
42Mrndjic Muamer2143BIH 50b1 20w0 78b1 40w1 44b1 22w0 41b½ 23w0 25b04,534,543,00,0
43Alihodzic Muzafer2143BIH 71w½ 28b1 57w0 61b1 68w1 10b½ 16w0 25w½ 26b04,534,044,00,0
44FMTrkulja Goran2323BIH 82w1 57b½ 36w1 8b0 42w0 39b1 70w1 10b0 24w04,534,043,50,0
45Dedic Nedzad2017BIH 6b0 79w1 13w0 90b1 17w0 69b1 51w1 15b0 47w½4,533,541,00,0
46Koso Ekrem2116BIH 51w1 12b0 71w1 13b0 75w1 70b½ 10w0 68b1 27w04,532,542,00,0
47Bucan Eldin2104BIH 89b1 40w1 1b0 16w0 67b1 29w0 55b1 31w0 45b½4,532,542,00,0
48Korjenic Esref2049BIH 8w0 88b1 77w1 5b0 69w1 9w0 61b0 63b1 51w½4,532,041,00,0
49Begic Igor0BIH 22b0 84w1 30b0 72w1 15b0 79w1 34w0 54b½ 71w14,530,039,00,0
50Kulic Dino0BIH 42w0 86b½ 51w1 34b0 52w1 24b0 37w0 76b1 68w14,530,038,00,0
51Omerefendic Omer0BIH 46b0 66w½ 50b0 86b1 27w½ 35w1 45b0 74w1 48b½4,529,537,50,0
52Colpa Husein2043BIH 3b0 76w1 40b0 71w½ 50b0 64b1 27w0 87w1 70b14,528,537,50,0
53FMGalic Zeljko2346BIH 83b1 68w½ 32b1 41w0 57b½ 56w0 66w½ 70b1 28w04,528,036,50,0
54Sejmenovic Senad0BIH 26b0 74w0 91b1 59w0 58b0 83w1 87b1 49w½ 66b14,524,030,50,0
55Haskovic Salih0BIH 30b1 5w0 38b1 9w0 26b0 36b1 47w0 81w1 39b04,036,546,50,0
56Omanovic Vahidin2089BIH 77w1 10b0 90w1 14b0 32w1 53b1 24w0 19w0 35b04,035,042,50,0
57Hadzovic Amir2067BIH 84b1 44w½ 43b1 22w0 53w½ 16b0 65w1 33b0 32w04,033,042,00,0
58Custovic Ismet0BIH 16b0 34b1 23w0 39b0 54w1 61w0 89b1 73w1 38b04,032,040,00,0
59Hutinovic Halim2042BIH 4w0 90b0 65w1 54b1 61w1 73w1 29b0 18b0 37w04,031,539,50,0
60Gavranovic Tahir0BIH 14w0 39b0 64w0 92b1 77w1 37b1 18w0 36b0 75w14,031,037,00,0
61Pusara Ostoja0BIH 81w1 9w0 87b1 43w0 59b0 58b1 48w1 27b0 36w04,030,539,00,0
62Habibovic Hazim2059BIH 2b0 69w0 79b1 76w1 78b1 19w0 31b0 32b0 77w14,028,539,00,0
63Hedzic Sadmir0BIH 9b0 23b0 34w0 84w1 89b1 87w1 26b0 48w0 73b14,028,537,00,0
64Uzunovic Abdulah0BIH 36w0 35b0 60b1 75w0 80b1 52w0 67b0 78w1 74b14,026,034,00,0
65Kapetanovic Edin0BIH 33b0 87w0 59b0 83w1 72b1 74w1 57b0 35w0 81b14,025,532,50,0
66Sitnic Adnan1927BIH 12w0 51b½ 86w1 36b½ 34w1 33w0 53b½ 28b0 54w03,534,042,50,0
67Delic Jasmin0BIH 39w1 41w0 15b0 27b1 47w0 34b0 64w1 37b0 69w½3,533,543,00,0
68Patrucic Miroslav2069BIH 92w1 53b½ 22b0 28w1 43b0 40w0 71b1 46w0 50b03,531,537,00,0
69Kadic Muhamed0BIH 27w0 62b1 37w1 18b0 48b0 45w0 81b0 89w1 67b½3,530,038,00,0
70Jovanovic Relja0BIH 73b0 81b1 18w0 38w1 87b1 46w½ 44b0 53w0 52w03,529,037,00,0
71Krgo Serif0BIH 43b½ 78w½ 46b0 52b½ 28w0 82b1 68w0 79w1 49b03,527,536,00,0
72Grahovac Dragan0BIH 17w0 82b1 26w0 49b0 65w0 86b1 32w0 88b1 76w½3,527,535,50,0
73Kozarcanin Sead2206CRO 70w1 17b1 20b0 31w1 14w0 59b0 21w0 58b0 63w03,034,043,50,0
74Basic Enver1811BIH 10w0 54b1 39w1 30w0 33b0 65b0 88w1 51b0 64w03,032,040,50,0
75Colpa Fahrudin0BIH 11w0 92b1 19w0 64b1 46b0 78w1 38b0 39w0 60b03,031,537,50,0
76Karamehmedovic Fahrudin0BIH 18w0 52b0 81w1 62b0 82w½ 27b0 91b1 50w0 72b½3,028,035,00,0
77Suljovic Hamdo0BIH 56b0 83w1 48b0 25w0 60b0 80w1 35b0 86w1 62b03,027,535,50,0
78Lapo Safet0BIH 28w½ 71b½ 42w0 82b1 62w0 75b0 36w0 64b0 88w13,027,034,50,0
79Kokorus Sasa0BIH 37w0 45b0 62w0 81b1 85w1 49b0 39w0 71b0 87b13,027,034,00,0
80Hadzialic Benjamin0BIH 29w0 19b0 92w1 37b0 64w0 77b0 85w½ 91b1 82w½3,023,529,50,0
81Cosovic Aziz2111BIH 61b0 70w0 76b0 79w0 86w1 90b1 69w1 55b0 65w03,023,528,50,0
82Brulic Sulejman0BIH 44b0 72w0 89b1 78w0 76b½ 71w0 83b½ 84w½ 80b½3,022,028,50,0
83Adjemovic Merima0BIH 53w0 77b0 88w0 65b0 92w1 54b0 82w½ 85b1 84w½3,022,026,50,0
84Zdilar Emilija0BIH 57w0 49b0 85w0 63b0 91w1 88b0 90w1 82b½ 83b½3,019,525,00,0
85Grahovac Danijel0BIH 5b0 30w0 84b1 33w0 79b0 89w0 80b½ 83w0 91w12,524,032,00,0
86Malokas Nermina1959BIH 20b0 50w½ 66b0 51w0 81b0 72w0 92b1 77b0 89w12,524,029,50,0
87Valenzuela Emilio2065CHI 7w0 65b1 61w0 88b1 70w0 63b0 54w0 52b0 79w02,027,536,00,0
88Kazic Nurudin0BIH 15b0 48w0 83b1 87w0 38b0 84w1 74b0 72w0 78b02,025,033,00,0
89Sitnic Ahmed0BIH 47w0 25b0 82w0 91b1 63w0 85b1 58w0 69b0 86b02,024,030,50,0
90Kutle Silvio0BIH 38b0 59w1 56b0 45w0 35b0 81w0 84b0 92w- 92w-1,023,528,50,0
91Esteso Fernando0BIH 41b0 13b0 54w0 89w0 84b0 92b1 76w0 80w0 85b01,022,528,50,0
92Vujicic Dragisa0BIH 68b0 75w0 80b0 60w0 83b0 91w0 86w0 90b- 90b-0,017,022,00,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)