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FRIENDS OF CHESS TOURNEY 2016 Ladies Category 10th December 2016 , Venue Maxton Lagos

Last update 10.12.2016 18:01:32, Creator/Last Upload: computerfineman

Starting rank

1Assa, Oluwaseun8503060NGR1904
2 Ajayi Ayokanmi8505853NGR1599
3Rabiu, Olabisi8501483NGR1538
4Awotoye BukolaNGR0
5Akintoye Deborah8506345NGR1856
6Adebayo, Doris8501017NGR1638
7Awotoye IbukunNGR0
8Coker, Omolabake8503869NGR1660
9Adesanya, Modupe8502978NGR0
10Omishogbon, Nkem8503451NGR0
11 Ofowino, Toritsemuwa8504377NGR1767