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2016 Australasian Masters GM Norm Tournament

Last update 18.12.2016 07:42:46, Creator/Last Upload: palau chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8GMDemuth Adrien642274FRA2546
1IMSmirnov Anton3208923AUS2514
2GMPapin Vasily4143183RUS2466
9GMKasparov Sergey13500481BLR2464
10IMIzzat Kanan13405209AZE2456
3IMCheng Bobby4300033AUS2446
6IMSolomon Stephen J3200043AUS2377
5IMIkeda Junta3204731AUS2375
7FMWallis Christopher3204839AUS2363
4FMZelesco Karl3213390AUS2353