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Wah Seong Penang Chess League 2016 @ Red Rock Hotel (10, 11 Dec 2016)

Last update 11.12.2016 10:28:52, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Vietuzbekind (Open)87011426,5157,5
26The Knight Quartet (Open)87011423,5161,5
33PERCAGROS (Open)86111324,5174,0
410Gerrie Spreengir (U18B)85211224,0139,5
51Marcus Chess Academy (Open)85211223,0174,0
67Eviz + Mind Chess (Open-Penang))85211222,5163,5
751The Old Frees' Association (Govrn/ Compa86021222,5144,0
88De Market (Open)84401222,5138,5
912Penang Kia (Open- Penang)85121122,5154,5
1029R To D2 (U12B)85121122,0154,0
1118Gocoh (Open)84311121,5137,0
125Play 2 Win (Open)85121121,0158,0
139Nameless Returns (Open)85121121,0157,5
1416The King's Knight (U18B)85121121,0145,0
1523CL 80's (Veteran >50)84311120,5149,0
1622Penang Ladies (U18G- Penang)85121118,5149,5
1773PKK United (U12G)85031020,5126,0
1815CLHS Fighters (U18B)85031020,0136,0
1920CLHS 75 (U18B)85031019,5145,0
20254 Horsemen (Open)85031019,5144,0
2113Penang Chess Warriors (Open- Penang)84221019,0166,5
2214KLChessKids Queens (Lady)85031019,0150,5
2326The White Knight (U18B)85031018,0140,5
2417Mind Chess Lol (U18B)85031015,5141,5
2539Pawn Pineapple Apple Pawn (U12B)8413919,5140,5
2632Chung Ling Forces (U18B- Penang)8413918,5134,0
2736The Chessnuts (U12B)8413918,5131,5
2819UNIKL A (Uni. / College)8413918,0141,5
2933US Pizza (U12G- Penang)8413917,5148,5
3024Good Rooking Guys (U18B)8413917,5147,5
3145Chess Tigers (U18B)8413917,5129,0
3267Rook Fellas (U12B)8413917,5120,5
3369Chess Princess (U9G)8413917,0125,0
3435Call My Family (Family)8413916,0130,0
3574PCGHS X (U18G)8413915,5130,0
3634Friends of Shih Chung (U18B- Penang)8413915,5122,0
3768PAWN TROOPERS (U12B)8413914,0127,0
3872Chess Dragons (U12B)8323820,0133,0
3940MAKSAK PENANG (Govrn/ Company)8323818,5138,5
4078CHCHS K5 OPTIMA (U18B)8404817,0132,5
4147Chessperadoes (U18B)8404817,0129,5
4231The Black Knights (U18B)8404816,0146,5
4348Forgotten (Open)8404816,0129,0
4477Penang Girls (U18G)8323816,0126,0
4558LIKE CHESS (U18B)8323815,5124,5
4680Super Junior (U9B)8404815,5111,5
4755Mind Chess Clock (U12B)8323814,5105,5
4821Catlet (U12B)8323814,0130,5
4942Mind Chess Dab (U12B)8404814,0123,0
5030SCC Team B (U12B)8323813,5129,5
5165CHCHS K2 RIO (U18B)8314716,5110,0
5241SCC Team A (U12G)8314715,5119,0
5356NCKL CHESS CLUB (U18B)8314714,5130,5
5446Blue Bishops (U12B)8233714,5118,5
5564Street Fighters (U12B)8314714,5116,5
5657fantastic 4 (U18B)8233714,0119,5
5727UNIKL B (Uni. / College)8314713,0137,5
5837Mind Chess Girl Power! (U12G)8314712,0128,5
5928PCPGS (U12B)8224615,5119,0
6082Red Dragon Team A (U9B)8305614,5101,5
6138Penang Chess Girls (U18G)8305613,5118,5
6279SCC Team D (U12B)8224613,5111,0
6370Keong Hoe U9B Team A (U9B)8305613,0125,5
6483Pg Junior Lady Team (U12G)8305613,0121,0
654KK (Family)8224613,0107,0
6687CHCHS K3 CERATO (U18G)8224612,098,5
6766Keong Hoe Girls Team B (U12G)8224612,090,0
6885The Other Team (U18B)8224611,5108,5
6944Chessmaniacs A (U12B)8305611,0130,5
7043SCC Team C (U9B)8305611,0126,0
7188Keong Hoe U9B Team B8224611,097,0
7252Mind Chess Passed Pawns (U9B)8224610,5110,0
7381Mind Chess Tactics (U9B)8215515,5100,5
7486Nerf Guns (U9B)8215514,0106,0
7571Shang Wu Knights (U12B)8215513,5110,0
7675SCC Team G (U12G)8215513,095,5
7762CHCHS K7 CADENZA (U18B)8125412,5111,0
7861SCC Team H (U12B)812549,590,0
7963SCC Team E (U9B)812549,0100,5
8059Mind Chess Cuteness Overload (U9G)820648,0114,5
8160SCC Team F (U9B)820648,098,0
8284SJKC Chong Cheng (U12B)8116310,075,0
8354Red Dragon U9G Team (U9G)811638,595,0
8476Mind Chess Scorebook (U12B)811638,085,0
8549SMJK UNION (U18G)801713,084,0
8611Rogue 1 (Open)000000,00,0
8750South Sumatera (Family)000000,00,0
8853P3TRA TEAM (U18B)000000,00,0

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (sum of team-points of the opponents)