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Rishon Lezion IM tournament Winter 2017

Last update 06.03.2017 22:06:34, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank list of players

4GMBaron Tal2809958ISR2537Rishon Lezion
8IMKobo Ori2812320ISR2482Rishon Lezion
10IMBattaglini Gabriel621650FRA2434Jeruchess
2FMZanan Evgeny24101940ISR2422Rishon Lezion
6IMBen Artzi Ido2810913ISR2400Kfar Saba
7FMErenberg Ariel2811634ISR2338Kfar Saba
9Bergauz Noam12938033GER2286Haifa Nesher
5WFMLahav Michal2813742ISR2223Rishon Lezion
1FMKaganskiy Gleb4132025RUS2222Rishon Lezion
3Lux De Melo Hugo2138298BRA2108Jeruchess