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2016 African Chess Lounge Elite

Last update 04.12.2016 15:54:41, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 76)

Starting rank

1FMBhawoodien Shabir Hussain14300770RSA2057
2FMBhawoodien Mohamed Ozayr14306484RSA2050
3Aguirre BryanRSA2022
4Pein Jonathan417092ENG1971
5Laurie JohnRSA1969
6Lynch Justin14310120RSA1859
7FMGluckman Paul14309513RSA1844
8De Jager Luan14317982RSA1827
9Goredema Dione14311887RSA1789
10Essop Hishaam14306549RSA1776
11Jonker WaldoRSA1772
12CMSamuel Caleb14310546RSA1752
13Jooste MarkoRSA1737
14Baxter David Jarred14309653RSA1720
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