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XVI International open tournament Sini kamuni Sliven 04-06.09.2009

Last update 06.09.2009 12:13:47, Creator/Last Upload: bulgarian chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMPetkov Vladimir2456BUL 28b1 16w1 5b0 2w1 14b1 6w1 8b½ 7w1 3w17,542,554,07
2IMDimitrov Radoslav2365BUL 32w1 19b1 4w½ 1b0 17w1 13b½ 20w1 9b1 6w17,039,551,06
3Simeonov Stefan2377BUL 44b1 35w1 11b1 6w1 7b1 8w0 26b1 4w1 1b07,039,050,07
4IMDrenchev Petar2480BUL 52b1 15w1 2b½ 11w1 8b½ 5w1 7b½ 3b0 14w16,542,554,05
5FMVelchev Hristo2281BUL 33w1 22b1 1w1 7w0 27b1 4b0 32w1 13b1 8w½6,537,549,06
6GMJanev Evgeni2461BUL 27w1 20b1 9w1 3b0 12w1 1b0 17w1 8w1 2b06,042,054,06
7GMErmenkov Evgenij2427PLE 30w1 23b1 14w1 5b1 3w0 9b1 4w½ 1b0 12w½6,042,053,55
8IMKozhuharov Spas2391BUL 31w1 18b1 26w1 12b½ 4w½ 3b1 1w½ 6b0 5b½6,041,052,54
9IMPanbukchian Valentin2357BUL 34b1 25w1 6b0 10w1 16b1 7w0 15b1 2w0 19b16,039,050,06
10Stefanov Evtim1926BUL 55w1 13b0 24w1 9b0 18w½ 29w1 30b½ 20b1 26w16,033,541,55
11Ivelinov Hristo2227BUL 45w1 41b1 3w0 4b0 31w1 19b0 46w1 18b1 23w16,031,541,06
12FMStoynov Jordan2258BUL 42w1 21b1 13w1 8w½ 6b0 26w0 16b1 19w½ 7b½5,537,547,04
13IMNikolov Sasho2403BUL 53b1 10w1 12b0 35w1 26b½ 2w½ 14b½ 5w0 27b15,536,547,04
14Bonev Todor2270BUL 38b1 36w1 7b0 52w1 1w0 18b1 13w½ 26b1 4b05,536,047,55
15Andreev Dobrotich2132BUL 24w1 4b0 31w1 18b½ 23w½ 22b1 9w0 32b1 16w½5,535,546,04
16Stoyanov Stoyan Slavov2073BUL 54w1 1b0 32w1 22b1 9w0 23b1 12w0 31b1 15b½5,535,044,55
17Mitrev Kiril2114BUL 25b0 38w1 53b1 21w1 2b0 41w1 6b0 27w½ 28b15,532,542,55
18Papazov Sotir1945BUL 43b1 8w0 25b1 15w½ 10b½ 14w0 34b1 11w0 33w15,036,045,04
19Ochkov Radoslav1868BUL 48b1 2w0 21b0 38w1 30b½ 11w1 28w1 12b½ 9w05,035,045,04
20Popov Georgi2203BUL 40b1 6w0 30b0 33w1 53b1 27w1 2b0 10w0 32b15,032,042,55
21Hristov Hristo0BUL 29b1 12w0 19w1 17b0 22w0 37b½ 53w1 33b½ 31w15,032,041,04
22Georgiev Stoyan2112BUL 49b1 5w0 36b1 16w0 21b1 15w0 41b1 28w0 34b15,031,540,05
23Pionova Sonja2028BUL 46b1 7w0 34b½ 47w1 15b½ 16w0 40b1 30w1 11b05,031,540,04
24Demirev Stanimir0BUL 15b0 28w1 10b0 53w0 33b½ 38w½ 44b1 41w1 30b15,029,038,04
25Dichev Dragomir1641BUL 17w1 9b0 18w0 37b0 39b0 55w1 50b1 36w1 35b15,029,037,05
26IMOrev Petar2244BUL 47b1 51w1 8b0 30w1 13w½ 12b1 3w0 14w0 10b04,535,544,04
27Stoychev Zhivko2049BUL 6b0 40w1 51b1 29w1 5w0 20b0 36w1 17b½ 13w04,534,042,04
28Mirchev Stefan2017BUL 1w0 24b0 54w1 46b½ 49w1 34w1 19b0 22b1 17w04,529,038,54
29Mahlev Atanas1965BUL 21w0 33b1 42w½ 27b0 47w1 10b0 37w0 48b1 43w14,527,036,04
30Atanasov Petar2016BUL 7b0 43w1 20w1 26b0 19w½ 42b1 10w½ 23b0 24w04,034,043,03
31Analiev Dimitar1970BUL 8b0 48w1 15b0 36w1 11b0 39w1 35b1 16w0 21b04,033,542,54
32Ochkov Tihomir1907BUL 2b0 46w1 16b0 51w1 50b1 35w1 5b0 15w0 20w04,032,040,54
33Dimitrov Krasen1841BUL 5b0 29w0 43b1 20b0 24w½ 48b1 47w1 21w½ 18b04,030,540,03
34Naumov Petar1875BUL 9w0 39b1 23w½ 42b½ 37w1 28b0 18w0 46b1 22w04,030,539,03
35Todorov Angel1851BUL 39w1 3b0 41w1 13b0 42w1 32b0 31w0 37b1 25w04,029,539,54
36Solakov Dobri0BUL 37w1 14b0 22w0 31b0 45w1 44w1 27b0 25b0 47w14,029,037,54
37Popescu Traian1776ROU 36b0 47w½ 44b½ 25w1 34b0 21w½ 29b1 35w0 39b½4,028,536,52
38Bardarov Georgi1790BUL 14w0 17b0 39w1 19b0 48w½ 24b½ 43w½ 47b½ 46w14,028,036,02
39Petrov Sasho0BUL 35b0 34w0 38b0 -1 25w1 31b0 42w1 40b½ 37w½4,027,035,52
40Bozhkov Tanyo0BUL 20w0 27b0 50b0 43w1 51b1 53w+ 23w0 39w½ 44b½4,026,032,53
41Vasilev Ivan0BUL 50b1 11w0 35b0 55w1 52b+ 17b0 22w0 24b0 48w½3,528,536,53
42Atanasova Elitza1721BUL 12b0 50w1 29b½ 34w½ 35b0 30w0 39b0 49w1 45b½3,526,033,52
43Kolev Rosen0BUL 18w0 30b0 33w0 40b0 -1 51w1 38b½ 50w1 29b03,526,032,52
44Dinev Plamen1922BUL 3w0 55b½ 37w½ 49b½ 46w½ 36b0 24w0 54b1 40w½3,523,032,01
45Alexandrov Alexander0BUL 11b0 52w0 48b1 50w0 36b0 54w½ 49b½ 53w+ 42w½3,523,031,02
46Razmirov Stanislav0BUL 23w0 32b0 -1 28w½ 44b½ 50w1 11b0 34w0 38b03,028,036,51
47Berberyan Maruke1569BUL 26w0 37b½ 55w1 23b0 29b0 49w1 33b0 38w½ 36b03,027,034,02
48Krulev Petko0BUL 19w0 31b0 45w0 54b1 38b½ 33w0 55b1 29w0 41b½3,024,531,52
49Zehirev Marin0BUL 22w0 -1 52b0 44w½ 28b0 47b0 45w½ 42b0 53w+3,024,031,01
50Sapareva Magdalena1739BUL 41w0 42b0 40w1 45b1 32w0 46b0 25w0 43b0 54w13,022,529,53
51Zehirev Stefan0BUL -1 26b0 27w0 32b0 40w0 43b0 54b0 55w+ 55w+3,020,026,02
52Slavov Mityo2075BUL 4w0 45b1 49w1 14b0 41w- -0 -0 -0 -02,031,039,52
53Nikolov Petar2005BUL 13w0 54b1 17w0 24b1 20w0 40b- 21b0 45b- 49b-2,031,038,52
54Dichev Kaloyan0BUL 16b0 53w0 28b0 48w0 55b½ 45b½ 51w1 44w0 50b02,022,529,51
55Koynov Petar0BUL 10b0 44w½ 47b0 41b0 54w½ 25b0 48w0 51b- 51b-1,021,529,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories

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