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"Junioru kauss" 3.sp.kl. 26-27.11.16.

Last update 27.11.2016 14:18:09, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

1Alijevs Muhamed Ali IIILAT0
2Bilinkins Iļja IIILAT0
3Daškevičs Artjoms IIILAT0
4Fedotovs Artemijs IIILAT0
5Jurgensons Martins IIILAT0
6Kižlo Deniss IIILAT0
9Ļebedevs Deniss IIILAT0
7Sergejevs Germans IIILAT0
10Ševanovs Artjoms IIILAT0
8Urubkovs Kirills IIILAT0