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The 29th Preston Chess Congress - Standard

Last update 04.12.2016 19:09:16, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Heyes WilliamENG119Skelmersdale
2Llewellyn Alan M422479ENG119Barrow
3Patten EdwardENG119Formby
4Allen Timothy S419699ENG118Battersea
5Hawthorne Julian N453757ENG118Kidsgrove
6Kerton Becky436496ENG1183cs
7Kerton ClaireENG1183cs
8Fisher Michael JENG116Oldham
9Jackson Paul Robert445584ENG116
10Scorer David MENG115Clitheroe
11Davies Dennis440370ENG113Lytham Ex-Servicemen
12Mcculloch AndrewENG110Scotland
13Henderson William Fn430331ENG109Maryport
14Hughes Peter JENG108Mutual Circle
15Agejas Garcia Diego32062214ESP107
16Coleman Patrick NENG107Lytham Ex-Servicemen
17Mckee DavidENG107Formby
18Blackmore PeterENG104Maryport
19Bowler TimENG104Maryport
20Shaughnessy Phillip J431966ENG101Urmston
21Jones A StevenENG100Keswick
22Cockerill Martin K401684ENG98Wallasey
23Rawcliffe DavidENG94Preston
24Dacre IanENG93Ulverston
25Reid JohnENG91Skelmersdale
26Sullivan TerryENG91Rossendale
27Cooper MarkENG90Heywood
28Hall Les440400ENG81Crewe
29Beswick AndrewENG75Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
30Hamilton Stuart440418ENG75Rhyl & Prestatyn
31Bohm Richard DENG70Great Lever
32Mclellan DouglasENG70Bare Institute
33Foy JamesENG65Southport
34Hanks PeterENG61Ulverston
35Playford Samuel JENG54Rose Forgrove
36Carter DeborahENG0Preston
37Couch CurtisENG0Preston