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West Wales Open 2016

Last update 27.11.2016 19:57:07, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1FMJones Iolo C1800094WLS2172
2Hewitt William1800280WLS2042
3Young Alan1801309WLS2029
4Jones Ian Robert1802372WLS1973
5Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1942
6Bevan Peter M1800345WLS1940
7James Dai1801155WLS1876
8Simon Marek1142356POL1846
9Guy David1800337WLS1832
10Buttell David416720WLS1768
11Jukes Sam1803182WLS1725
12Thomas Roy1803190WLS1718
13Lutchman Singh Karanvir1802950WLS1655
14Probert Malcolm1802305WLS1617
15Williams David J1803565WLS1560
16Bonutto Stephen1804260WLS1447
17Lutchman Singh Aishwarya1803077WLS1368