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Perenyi Bela Memorial 2017

Last update 14.01.2017 13:54:39, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation (master)

not paired

40Birk, Balazs Dr.1730HUN*
14Borda, Lajos2102HUN*
10Czegledi, Barna Jr.2161HUN*
41Farkas, Otto Sr.1725HUN***
54Horvath, Gyula0HUNbye
36Mihaly, Zoltan1770HUN*****
52Palocz, Katalin1391HUNbye
48Ronyai, Imre1586HUN*bye
31Rozsa, Sandor1940HUN*****
8IMSzalanczy, Emil2215HUN**
53Szalay-Ocsak, Bank1338HUNbye
45Vegvari, Ferenc1648HUNbye