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AICFB National School Chess Championship for visually challanged 2016

Last update 25.11.2016 16:22:06, Creator/Last Upload: grandmaster chess academy,nashik

Player info

NameR Gopi
Starting rank4
Rating national0
Rating international1100
Performance rating1292
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Club/CityARGSS Tamilnadu
Year of birth 2001


1438Lashkare Sneha0INDPBS Pune3,0w 1
2446Oraon Ajit0INDAVPKR New dehli5,5s 1
3453Prakash Ayush0INDNAB Dehli6,0w 1
4430Jain Shashank0INDNAB Dehli6,0s 1
511Joshi Aryan1598INDCPV Dombivali8,0w 0
6354Prince Kumar0INDNAB Dehli5,0w 0
7540Manisha Rawat0INDNAB Dehli4,5s 1
8444Narender Kumar0INDAVPKR New dehli5,0w 1
912K Marimuthu1539INDARGSS Tamilnadu8,5s ½