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European Youth Chess Championship 2009 Boys - 12

Last update 20.11.2009 01:45:31, Creator: IRMA UND WERNER STUBENVOLL,Last Upload: Heinz Herzog

Player overview for irl

84Magee Ronan0IRL1001½100½4,0641786250,00Boys U12

Results of the last round for irl

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
Ferraguti FrancescoITA1662 ½ - ½ Magee RonanIRL0

Player details for irl

Magee Ronan 0 IRL Rp:1786 Pts. 4,0
131Zamengo Fulvio1887ITA4,0w 1
225Vereggen Lars1936NED5,0s 0
342Eggink Ryszard1819POL6,0s 0
459Aguiar Henrique1710POR4,5w 1
544Formento Paolo1801ITA4,0s ½
633Takacs Laszlo1876SVK4,0w 1
716Vavulin Maksim1983RUS5,5s 0
848Herrera Gonzalez Javier1787ESP4,5w 0
961Ferraguti Francesco1662ITA4,0s ½
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