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2016 master SREFIDENSI

Last update 27.11.2016 18:01:19, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank list of players

7GMBruzon Batista Lazaro3503739CUB2618
10GMHuschenbeth Niclas24604747GER2548
9FMVidal Melendez Ismael David3901718VEN2291
3WGMLinares Napoles Oleiny3504794CUB2273
5CMSanches Casanova Romario8200211SUR2098
2CMHanoeman Suradj8200173SUR2046
4FMGajadin Dewperkash8200041SUR2031
8FMMatoewi Roger8200084SUR2027
1FMGiasi Viresh8200165SUR1993
6CMMaduro Sherman7500122AHO1993