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"Juniora Kauss" 1.sp.kl. 19-20.11.2016

Last update 20.11.2016 14:39:32, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Aleksejevs Iļja ILAT1850A.Raudive
2Bartaševičs Tomass ILAT1839D.Matisone
3Bogdanovičs Kirills ILAT1799D.Matisone
4Filipovs Jevgenijs ILAT1863D.Matisone
5Popovs Daniels ILAT1767D.Matisone
6Springis Jevgenijs ILAT1850D.Matisone
7Stanislavskis Dmitrijs ILAT1850D.Matisone
8Stepanovs Dans ILAT1850A.Raudive
9Tabors Emīls ILAT1786D.Matisone
10Tiseļska Alisa ILAT1850N.Kovšuns
11Vingris Mikelis ILAT1755V.Rožlapa