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17th European Women's Team Chess Championship 2009

Last update 26.12.2009 16:02:18, Creator: belgrade chess federation ,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team composition for federation RUS

1. RUS (RtgAvg:2740, Captain:Alexander Motylev)
1GMSvidler Peter2741RUS4102142
2GMMorozevich Alexander2750RUS4116992
3GMJakovenko Dmitry2742RUS4122356
4GMAlekseev Evgeny2725RUS4138147
5GMTomashevsky Evgeny2688RUS4147235
1. RUS (RtgAvg:2500, Captain:Yury Dokhoian)
1GMKosteniuk Alexandra2516RUS4128125
2GMKosintseva Tatiana2536RUS4133471
3IMKosintseva Nadezhda2493RUS4134974
4IMRomanko Marina2453RUS4149351
5WFMGunina Valentina2437RUS4167570