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17th European Women's Team Chess Championship 2009

Last update 26.12.2009 16:02:18, Creator: belgrade chess federation ,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team composition for federation GEO

11. GEO (RtgAvg:2627, Captain:Giorgi Giorgadze)
1GMJobava Baadur2696GEO13601520
2GMMchedlishvili Mikheil2613GEO13600966
3GMPantsulaia Levan2600GEO13602071
4GMGagunashvili Merab2580GEO13601652
5GMSanikidze Tornike2600GEO13602608
2. GEO (RtgAvg:2474, Captain:Nino Gurieli)
1GMDzagnidze Nana2535GEO13601903
2IMJavakhishvili Lela2472GEO13601458
3IMKhukhashvili Sopiko2451GEO13602055
4IMKhurtsidze Nino2420GEO13600320
5IMKhotenashvili Bela2438GEO13602640