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17th European Women's Team Chess Championship 2009

Last update 26.12.2009 16:02:18, Creator: belgrade chess federation ,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team composition for federation ARM

3. ARM (RtgAvg:2703, Captain:Arshak Petrosian)
1GMAronian Levon2773ARM13300474
2GMAkopian Vladimir2698ARM13300032
3GMSargissian Gabriel2678ARM13300881
4GMPashikian Arman2663ARM13301578
5GMPetrosian Tigran L2602ARM13301616
5. ARM (RtgAvg:2398, Captain:Arsen Yegiazarian)
1IMDanielian Elina2489ARM13300210
2IMMkrtchian Lilit2469ARM13300601
3WGMGalojan Lilit2326ARM13301314
4WGMAginian Nelly2307ARM13300628
5WIMAndriasian Siranush2234ARM13301926