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17th European Team Chess Championship 2009 Open

Last update 26.12.2009 15:59:33, Creator: belgrade chess federation ,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team-Composition without round-results

  17. Serbia 1 (SRB 1 / RtgAvg:2601 / TB1: 11 / TB2: 20) Captain: Branko Damljanovic
1GMIvanisevic Ivan2614SRB9124174,08,02632
2GMSolak Dragan2583SRB9168113,57,02606
3GMMarkus Robert2608SRB9216374,57,02662
4GMVuckovic Bojan2600SRB9222775,58,02649
5GMPerunovic Milos2572SRB9216292,56,02505