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54th National Premier Chess Championship - 2016 AICF Event Code N0-147291/UP/2016

Last update 30.11.2016 12:49:10, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Player info

NameDhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad
Starting rank3
Rating national0
Rating international2316
Performance rating2381
FIDE rtg +/-19,0
Club/CityA P
Year of birth 1996


112GMAdhiban B.2666INDPSPB9,0w ½
213IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar2307INDJHAR0,5s 1
31IMAbhishek Kelkar2389IND MAH5,5w ½
42IMNitin S.2415INDRSPB6,5s 0
514FMPraneeth Surya K2388INDTEL1,0w 1
64GMBakre Tejas2450INDI A7,5w 0
75GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2689INDPSPB9,0s 0
86GMLaxman R.R.2387INDRSPB8,0w 1
97GMKunte Abhijit2494INDPSPB7,5s 0
108GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.2565IND T N9,5w ½
119IMRavi Teja S.2384INDRSPB7,5s 0
1210GMSriram Jha2426INDL I C3,0w ½
1311GMKarthikeyan Murali2530IND T N10,5s 0
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