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39 Open Internacional "Vicente Bonil" de Albox // Almería

Last update 27.11.2016 23:00:41, Creator/Last Upload: javier garrido

Player info

NameOrtiz Aviles Javier
Starting rank16
Rating national2127
Rating international2128
Performance rating2136
FIDE rtg +/-1,6
Club/CityClub Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
Year of birth 1983


11649Martinez Carvajal Juan Franci1941ALClub Ajedrez Roquetas3,0w 1
21631Revaliente Montoya Ciro1795ALClub Ajedrez Indalo5,0s 1
367IMCampos Gambutti Luis Maria2413VALValencia6,5w ½
469FMDomingo Nuñez Alejandro2322GRClub Ajedrez Caja Granada5,5s 0
51229Redouane Omri1854GRClub Ajedrez Villa De La Zubia4,5w 0
61528Lopez Perez Juan Pedro1858ALClub Ajedrez Vicente Bonil3,5s 1
71219Rubio Tapia Jose Juan2092ALClub Ajedrez Reverte Minerals4,5w 1
8836Mena Hernandez Diego1685ALClub Ajedrez Reverte Minerals4,5s 1