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Last update 30.08.2009 12:03:42, Creator/Last Upload: Vietnamchess

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Starting rank

1WGMNguyen Thi Thanh AnHCM2330
2WIMLe Kieu Thien KimHCM2250
3WFMLe Thi Phuong LienQNI2216
4WIMNguyen Quynh AnhHCM2102
5WIMBui Kim LeBDH2177
6WCMLuong Huyen NgocQNI1997
7WFMTran Thi Kim LoanHPH2121
8Pham Thi Ngoc TuHCM2089
9WFMLe Thanh ThaoQDO1825
10Doan Thi Hong NhungHPH0
11WCMPhan Nguyen Mai ChiDAN2109
12Tran Thi Ha MinhDAN2014
13Huynh Mai Phuong DungHCM2093
14Do Thi Diem ThuyHCM0
15Do Hoang Minh ThoBDU1931
16Nguyen Thi Diem TrangCTH0
17Tran Le Tu UyenBRV0
18Le Phu Nguyen ThaoCTH0
19Pham Hong PhuongQDO0
20Dang Thi Quynh AnhHCM0
21Vu Thien Tram AnhHCM1637
22Nguyen Thi Thuy DuongBRV0
23Cao Huu Dieu HanhKHO0
24Le Nguyen Da HienDAN0
25Le Thi Thu HuongBDH0
26Nguyen Thi Diem HuongBTR2007
27Nguyen Thi Thanh HuongKHO0
28Nguyen Thi Thu HuyenBDH0
29Do Ngoc My LeBDU0
30Nguyen Thi Anh MinhHCM0
31Pham Hong MinhHCM0
32Nguyen Thi Hoang OanhKHO0
33Pham Hong PhucHCM0
34Huynh Thi Hong SuongBRV1827
35Cao Le Phuong ThanhCTH0
36Dinh Thi Phuong ThaoDAN0
37Ngo Thuy Thanh ThaoBDU2023
38Nguyen Thi Phuong ThaoDAN0
39Le Thi Minh ThoCTH1920
40Tran Thi Mong ThuBTR0
41Truong Thi Thanh ThuyBTR0
42Tran Le Dan ThuyBTR1780
43Ho Thi Anh TienBRV0
44Nguyen Truong Bao TranCTH0
45Mai Thuy TrangBDU1926
46Tran Thi Quynh TrangQNI0
47Nguyen Thi Thuy TrienBDH0
48Ngo Thi Cam TuBDU0
49Ngo Thi Kim TuyenQNI2026
50Tran Thi Cam VyKHO0