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European Club Cup 2016 Women Section

Last update 14.11.2016 12:20:26, Creator/Last Upload: rating officer

Team pairings

Round 7 on 2016/11/12 at 15:00
No.SNo TeamMPRes.:Res.MPTeam SNo
11Cercle d'Echecs Monte-Carlo124:08Odlar Yurdu5
22NONA Batumi9:6SHSM Legacy Square Moscow4
33Ugra Chess Club83:18Ladya Kazan9
411Midland Monarchs42:26Chigorin Chess Club St Petersburg6
510ASD C.S.R. Fischer Chieti63:13Rishon Le Zion12
67Jelica PEP - Goracici53:14ASVOE Pamhagen13
714Kaunas CC Margiris31:32SS Lazio Scacchi8