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European Club Cup 2016 Open Section

Last update 14.11.2016 12:10:57, Creator/Last Upload: kvpetar

Team-Composition without round-results

  5. AVE Novy Bor (RtgAvg:2710 / TB1: 10 / TB2: 216,5) Captain: Petr Boleslav
1GMHarikrishna P.2768IND50070033,55,0
2GMWojtaszek Radoslaw2744POL11183583,55,0
3GMNavara David2725CZE3090954,06,0
4GMShirov Alexei2677LAT22093905,07,0
5GMWang Hao2680CHN86028835,57,0
6GMLaznicka Viktor2664CZE3163852,03,0
7GMSasikiran Krishnan2654IND50049855,56,0
8GMBartel Mateusz2646POL11126352,53,0
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