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European Club Cup 2016 Open Section

Last update 14.11.2016 12:10:57, Creator/Last Upload: kvpetar

Team-Composition without round-results

  4. Mednyi Vsadnik (RtgAvg:2716 / TB1: 11 / TB2: 229,5) Captain: Vladimir Bykov
1GMSvidler Peter2742RUS41021424,56,0
2GMDominguez Perez Leinier2752CUB35032402,56,0
3GMVitiugov Nikita2718RUS41529564,56,0
4GMBu Xiangzhi2698CHN86014454,56,0
5GMMatlakov Maxim2691RUS41680034,56,0
6GMRodshtein Maxim2696ISR28068513,54,0
7GMFedoseev Vladimir2673RUS241307375,06,0
8GMKhairullin Ildar2630RUS41513481,02,0
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