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Jurmala Round Robin GM norm-2017

Last update 03.03.2017 13:17:25, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2GMGleizerov Evgeny4101332RUS2515Brjansk
4IMKollars Dmitrij12909572GER2507Hamburger SK
3GMMiezis Normunds11600136LAT2505Olaine
10IMMeskovs Nikita11602740LAT2490Riga
8GMSveshnikov Evgeny4100638RUS2489Riga
1IMKantans Toms11602945LAT2449Garkalne
5FMPercivaldi Martin1508148DEN2448K√łge Skakklub
7IMSammalvuo Tapani501115FIN2431Velhot
9FMBjerre Jonas1444948DEN2355Skanderborg Skakklub
6FMRakesh Kumar Jena5084822IND2317Odisha
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