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6th Gilan Ayandehsazan Leage Under 15 (2016)

Last update 12.01.2017 17:52:09, Creator/Last Upload: mr. jadidi, hamidreza

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Bashgah Shatranj Nokhbegan 177001424,0437,5
22Bashgah Novin 175111122,0361,0
35Nojavanan Mantaghe Azad Anzali75111118,5292,5
410Heiat Shatranj Gilan 175111118,5264,0
56Bashgah Novin 275111118,0247,3
64Bashgah Shatranj Kish 175021022,0320,0
77Ayandeh sazan Shatranj Fooman75021021,0306,5
89Bashgah Shatranj Nokhbegan 275021017,5272,3
919Kish&Mat Lahijan 175021016,5217,5
103Bashgah PishgamGhal'e 17403817,5268,8
1123Nojavanan Heiat Shatranj Langrood7403816,5200,0
128Bashgah Shatranj Kish 27403816,5186,8
1314Nonahalan Heiat Shatranj Astara7403816,0208,3
1411Bashgah Novin 37403815,0194,0
1520Heiat Shatranj Gilan 27403815,0194,0
1632Heiat Shatranj Gilan 37403815,0184,8
1722Bashgah Shatranj Kish 37403815,0179,5
1812Bashgah PishgamGhal'e 27403814,0210,0
1917Bashgah Shatranj Nokhbegan 37403814,0190,0
2028Bashgah Shatranj Nokhbegan 57313715,0178,5
2121Bashgah Shatranj Nokhbegan 47313715,0171,3
2240Heiat Shatranj Lahijan 47313713,0120,5
2337Heiat Shatranj Gilan 87313712,0125,5
2415Bashgah PishgamGhal'e 37304615,5242,3
2524Kish&Mat Lahijan 27304614,0190,0
2639Heiat Shatranj Lahijan 27304614,0173,5
2725Bashgah PishgamGhal'e 47223614,0152,0
2826Bashgah PishgamGhal'e 57223612,5145,5
2913Heiat Shatranj Lahijan 17304612,0162,0
3016Heiat Shatranj Lahijan 37304612,0131,5
3135Heiat Shatranj Gilan 67214512,0125,5
3242Nokhbegan Ahooraye Roodbar 27133511,094,0
3318Bashgah Shatranj Ebtekar Langrood 17214510,5132,5
3429Bashgah Shatranj Pishgam7214510,5116,3
3543Paygah Ghahramani Shatranj Gilan 17214510,0120,5
3630Heiat Shatranj Gilan 107133510,0101,0
3744Paygah Ghahramani Shatranj Gilan 2713359,075,5
3841Nokhbegan Ahooraye Roodbar 1721459,062,5
3927Bashgah Shatranj Ebtekar Langrood 2721458,588,8
4033Heiat Shatranj Gilan 47205410,0100,5
4134Heiat Shatranj Gilan 5712449,594,0
4236Heiat Shatranj Gilan 7712449,579,3
4338Heiat Shatranj Gilan 9711538,563,8
4431Heiat Shatranj Gilan 11700703,533,5

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: FIDE-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break