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7th Asian Seniors 50 Championships 2016

Last update 04.11.2016 09:55:59, Creator/Last Upload: peter long

Player overview for sgp

5IMChan Peng Kong2233SGP1101½01015,577th Asian Seniors 50 Cham

Results of the last round for sgp

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9621Ba KyawMYA0 0 - 1 IMChan Peng KongSGP22335

Player details for sgp

IM Chan Peng Kong 2233 SGP Rp:1963 Pts. 5,5
124Khin Maung Maung0MYA1,0s 1
216Santoso Timotius Wibowo1861INA5,0w 1
32FMMyo Zaw Min2286MYA5,5s 0
413Kabyzhanov Bulat2039KAZ6,0w 1
54IMMyo Naing2262MYA5,0s ½
68Khin Ko2197MYA4,5w 0
715Tin Mg Lwin1965MYA4,5s 1
81IMLodhi Mahmood2340PAK7,5w 0
921Ba Kyaw0MYA4,5s 1
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