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2016 Witney Congress Under 145

Last update 23.10.2016 18:41:01, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Lucey Michael144None
2Macarthur Duncan M144Keynsham
3Craggs Steve T142Banbury
4Williams Stephen139Cwmbran
5Headlong Benjamin138Swindon
6Parsons Robert137Hatch End
7Gillett Paul A136None
8Tselos Ross136Oxfordshire Juniors
9Barry Steve135Battersea
10Gilbert David J131Dhss
11Hosdurga Chirag131None
12Brooke Ian R129Oxford City
13Read William (bill)128Witney
14Asbury Jon A125Halesowen
15Sartain Patrick P125Harrow
16Hauer Marianne124Witney
17Walker Roger W121Belper
18Shepherd Tom118Magdalen College School
19Thatte Nishchal116Ealing
20Talib Rosli114None
21Sengenberger Sara110Cowley
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