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Int. Chess Hoiliday 2009 R3

Last update 12.08.2009 18:35:53, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

4Schnelzer ReinholdGER2260
14Zdenek PetrCZE2090
10Boucek VlastimilCZE2033
11HavrlĂ­k PavelCZE1956
7Barton MilanCZE1953
1Colin SonnySWE1949
9Forman MiroslavCZE1888
13Borovsky MiroslavCZE1720
12Vorac JiriCZE1717
2Johansson DanielSWE1703
6Zikmund JanCZE1530
8Abelyan MuradCZE1511
5Filip PetrCZE1304
3Radloff DirkGER0
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